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AppNexus - A cloud computing service that allow one to reserve web or database server to run service on it
OpenID - An open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity, kind of like MS Passport for Open source
Know your Enemy: Web Application Threats
ModSecurity - Open Source Web Application Firewall - A Apache module to protect web application from attacks
OAuth - An security authentication protocol that provide a simple and standard API for web applications to interact
Torrentflux-b4rt - A web based transfer control client for torrent and etc.
phpBB - A popular open source on-line forum application
Remember The Milk - A online to do list and task management via twitter
Chyrp - A lightweight but functional blogging engine
ControlC - A web service to store and share your clipboard when you cut and paste
Office 2.0 Database
Doodle - A event scheduling service
WobZIP - A on-line on the fly file uncompress tool
Cloud versus cloud: A guided tour of Amazon, Google, AppNexus, and GoGrid (InfoWorld)
Google App Engine - Scalable web application hosting environment from Google
Amazon Web Services - A set of services to host scalable web application on-line
Joyent - A cloud computing service
Cloud computing, grid computing, utility computing - list of top providers (
How Digg works (Digg the Blog)
OpenGoo - An open source web office
Twitturly - A web service that track popular URL on twitter
IntenseDebate - A web service that embed better commenting system to blogs and other websites
Disqus - A on-line service to embed commenting system to blogs and websites
Ta-da List - A to-do list web service
Scaling Digg and Other Web Applications (High Scalability)
MemcacheDB - A distributed key-value storage system designed for persistent
Get Satisfaction - A on-line customer support forum service that tied users and developers directly to foster customer satisfaction
On the savannah, where the gnu roam... (Free Software Foundation)
The ins and outs of SQL injection (The PHP Blog)
The 7 Stages of Scaling Web Apps (High Scalability)
Grails - An open-source web application framework for Java, simular to Ruby on Rails for ruby
Prism - A Firefox extension to run web application on Desktop - A on-line storage service
Dropbox - A on-line storage/backup/sync/sharing service
Designing Web Applications for Scalability
Opa - An open source, simple and unified platform for writing web applications
node.js - a light weight and efficient platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications
A Baseline for Front-End Developers
Varnish - A web application accelerator
Transitional Interfaces
AppScale - Open source implementation of Google AppEngine

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