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In the Beginning, there is index.php...

When Nucleus receives a request, here's what it went through:


13:58:39 on 07/13/04 by Admun - Code Traces - tags: none - #

7 Wonder(ing)s of FancyURL

I'm chasing after some FancyURL problem that // is appended to the parmalink in some plugins. I was confused to see some plugins need to manually append the blog URL when creating link with createItemLink(), but others is not needed.....


00:46:11 on 07/13/04 by Admun - My Work - tags: none - #

RSS2 feed improvement

Learnt the trick of using blogid=x in xml-rss2.php. Now, the permalink is FancyURL enabled. cool

Moved back to the old RSS feed.....

10:42:53 on 07/06/04 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

Getting a Dose of Parameters

I know, this is mostly HTTP stuff, but it is improtant for a plugin writer to understand this because this is how a plugin received inputs from external. And I found this useful information here and thought to make a note to it to remind myself.


15:32:04 on 07/05/04 by Admun - Developer Notes - tags: none - #

Plugins pack RC... coming

So, I have been working on and off on all the plugins I used myself and it's getting closed to be released. I hope to get a RC plugin pack posted in the next few weeks to kick start the effort to provide quality plugins to users. Others are welcome to contribute to this pack, which will be deposited to CVS, since I do not used all the plugins out there.


19:25:17 on 07/04/04 by Admun - My Work - tags: none - #

Cookie business

Form time to time, a plugin might have a need to access cookie. So, this little post talks about it.


11:39:57 on 07/02/04 by Admun - Developer Notes - tags: none - #

The Need for supportsFeature

The question of why we should add supportsFeature in a plugin is first saw here.


13:26:44 on 06/22/04 by Admun - Developer Notes - tags: none - #

Mr Data Goes to Town

So often a plugin need to track information in variables, I'm talking about data that is persistent through out the life of the plugin. This allow data to be passed from event to event, for example.


22:32:34 on 06/20/04 by Admun - Developer Notes - tags: none - #

Feature List Moved to dev.n site

Feature discussion can go to: here

11:21:32 on 06/17/04 by Admun - Developer Info - tags: none - #

NUDN News Feeds Added

Follow what hcgtv did in his site, now I added news feed as well.

Now using nudn/rss skin for output.

10:28:54 on 06/16/04 by Admun - General - tags: none - #
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