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Now Even with Atom 0.3

Added Atom 0.3 feed.

Good stuff.

18:33:57 on 06/15/04 by Admun - General - tags: none - #


Finally find some time to get this going.... really getting sick of screwed up HTML ul, ol, table and such in a post.

see here

18:04:44 on 06/15/04 by Admun - My Work - tags: none - #

Added RSS feed

Now, one can read my NUDM site from RSS.

11:22:09 on 06/15/04 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

Having a getMinNucleusVersion

In the plugin API, there is a getMinNucleusVersion function that helps a plugin to report to Nucleus that the minimum Nucleus version it supports. This is a way to ensure a plugin is not install on a old Nucleus setup that certain support is missing. ie user defined table prefix


11:15:13 on 06/15/04 by Admun - Developer Notes - tags: none - #

The Creation of permalink

I saw it sometimes when a plugin writer directly construct a permalink (also called item link) by doing this:

echo "<a href=\"index.php?itemid=".$itemid."\">".$title."</a>";
... ...


11:55:56 on 06/14/04 by Admun - Developer Notes - tags: none - #

Admun's NUDN now FancyURLed

Today, I learnt about a trick how to put a 2nd blog on its own dirs.

see here

Some links still broken because nudn/nudn is in the link instead of nudn/... still working on it. Now, all is working.

11:05:06 on 06/14/04 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

Agenda for developer IRC session #2

Here's a list of item to discuss:
  1. walk through the feature list, discuss the roadmap for next release: timeframe, required features. I don't know we want a roadmap that look too far into future. I'd suggest a roadmap of 2 releases in the roadmap: up-coming release, future releases, and no interest.
  2. discussion on the synergy with BlogCMS, how to best collabrate ie plugin/bugs/feature backport. Update: There seem to be more and more posts from radek on the forum about "new" BLOG:CMS plugins that does not work directly on Nucleus, and causing users to puzzle... is this a issue that we need to talk to him?
  3. karma said in last meeting: "I did have an idea about plugin interoperability with BlogCMS. It's a thing to do on Radek's side, though. Here goes: instead of having BlogCMS-specific plugins inherit from NucleusPlugin, have them inherit BlogCMSPlugin. Then create BlogCMSPlugin as a class that inherits from NucleusPlugin. BlogCMS-specific plugins will then simply fail to install on Nucleus core, since no BlogCMSPlugin class is available." Progress on this?
  4. plugin license, do we want to stay GPL or allow LGPL to allow commerical plugin?

14:04:05 on 06/12/04 by Admun - Developer Info - tags: none - #

Why sql_table...

Since Nucleus 2.5, sql_table() is introduced to construct the name of table name.

ie. sql_table('item') yields nucleus_item in a normal setup.

So, why a plugin should use this function to determine the table name, you ask?

I say, simple.


23:54:22 on 06/08/04 by Admun - Developer Notes - tags: none - #

Update NUDN - admun

- fixed right menu
- use extended body
- fixed my info on top left

14:56:01 on 06/08/04 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

Nucleus Feature Spec/List for Future Release

Here's a list of features being discussed in the forum for the next release, with URL/description/spec. This is intended for developer discussion in next IRC session (in 2 weeks?) and for tracking purposes.


13:21:32 on 06/04/04 by Admun - Developer Info - tags: - #
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