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01:01:28 on 05/06/07 by Admun - General - tags: - #

Technorati Sucks, Officially

I use and develop NP_TechnoratiTags for NucleusCMS. Technorati just didn't work with this plugin and on my blog.

First off, I install NP_PingPong, which ping Technorati when I added a post. As far as I can tell, the ping goes out to them and they replied with a "Thanks for the ping!" and that's it. I check my server log (and even wrote a plugin to monitor spider coming to my blog) but Technoratobot is nowhere to be seen. From Technorati stat, my blog was not upgrade for over 200 days now.... and of cource it's not true.

No update for Admun blog? not ture!

This is not the only problem, they seem to be just ignorant to problem and not willing to work with developer. I email them about this and going to do some debugging with them, no response at all for weeks. The last time I contacted them on the problem they claim it is because my blog is not HTML 1.0 compliant as my blog declared as... ok, it's a problem on my side. But their bot is hitting my RSS feed, which is not HTMl anyway. So, it doesn't matter my blog is invalid.

I will continue to use and work on my plugin, sicne it has evolved into a tagging system plugin for my blog, the Technorati tag function becomes minor now. I might going to support other tagging site in the future.

11:52:31 on 11/20/06 by Admun - General - tags: , , - #

Claiming Technorati

00:27:51 on 10/04/06 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

NucluesCMS polled

About a year ago, report from the net suggested that NucleusCMS starts making a small splash (ok, really small) on the Blogging platform scene.

Just last week, we are once again make noise in a poll by ProBlogger. We only have about 1.1% polls, and we tide with Mambo tally wise.

The way I see it is Nucleus has a very good feature set and design. It's the marketing and mind share that put us where we are. One evident is the number of new users (1000+) we got in the support forum for the past year. It is definitely on the rise compared to the past. Another evident is many of these new people like it so much and now contributing to the project. I see the community is growing.

Let see what happen next year.

10:20:47 on 01/27/06 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

Fighting spam the big iron way

It looks like the wp guy is brewing some new mechanism to battle spam.

All of the solutions I saw so far used one of the methods:
- special interaction ie captcha, embedded keys in form
- detection algorithm ie filters, blacklist
- manual intervention ie human approval

The widely used one for Nucleus these days are NP_Blacklist, NP_CommentControl, NP_Captcha, and a few.

This new ASS idea is very different than the current crop of methods, mostly autonomy. Spam detection in ASS is done in a centralize server, which tell the blog whether the submit comment is spam or not.

Of course this raise a lot of concerns such as on how this method scale and response to things like privacy, which is yet to see.

Currently, there is a NP_SpamCheck being worked on, which provide an infrastructure to allow customize spam detection.

14:20:46 on 10/14/05 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

How to lose a user in less than 10 days...

Let this serve as a reminder how to treat your users right, at work and while working on Nucleus. cool

Powered by BLOG:CMS? No Way

17:37:20 on 09/28/05 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

NP_MiniForum v0.5.2 (beta)

After much coding, I'm able to make the remote script works much better. Now, I don't even need the jpg file as a hook.

Install instruction:
- replace NP_MiniForum.php (remove the jpg file in miniforum/trigger.jpg if you update from 0.5.1)
- insert <%MiniForum(script,[forumname])%> after <body> in your skin ie <%MiniForum(script,default)%>

NP_MiniForum v0.5.2 (beta)

23:05:46 on 09/11/05 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

Admun's NUDN benchmarked

I was puzzled by the slowless on my NUDN and do some investigation and found the problem is coming from NP_RSSAtomAggregator. The process time is ~0.4 sec if it is turn off..... vs >4 sec.

17:17:33 on 08/08/05 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

Admun's NUDN now using NUDN2 skin

Just update my dev blog to nudn2 skin. A nice skin, to say the least.

22:50:48 on 02/28/05 by Admun - General - tags: none - #

NucleusCMS noted by market survey

I guess we start to pick up by the radar, no matter how small a dot we made on the blogosphere. (ok.... still not even 1% on the market) cool

Cool to work on such exciting project. On the Job: Weblog Tools Market - Update February 2005

16:30:20 on 02/21/05 by Admun - General - tags: none - #
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