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NP_TechnoratiTags v0.9.7

- show only top tags when #tags is provide
- optimize tagcloud display
- strip extra spaces in tag field before save to database
- fix 1st time tags concat bug (somehow imploded....)
- fix bug w/ tag search w/ current blog
- fix potential security issue w/ $DIR_PLUGINS

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19:23:45 on 06/03/10 by Admun - My Work - tags: , - #

NP_Twitter v0.9.1

- fix special char encoding/decoding
- no reply button for dm
- link to @who, #tag

click here to download

18:52:16 on 06/03/10 by Admun - My Work - tags: , - #

NP_Blogroll v0.42

This is a minor fix for a potential DB injection, and XFN support.

note, it's really v0.43.... with a wrong filename I'm not going to fix. wink

click here to download

17:09:36 on 06/01/10 by Admun - My Work - tags: - #

NP_RealTimePub v0.1

rssCloud is a protocol to allow real-time notification of RSS feed update. Wordpress supports it, why NucleusCMS should not? cool

click here to download

To install:
1) install plugin
2) add skinVar in RSS skin

20:42:46 on 01/10/10 by Admun - My Work - tags: none - #

NP_Track 2.1.2

Add support for pingback (tested w/ WP):
- autodetect pingback server
- send pingback

click here to download

21:58:22 on 11/26/09 by Admun - My Work - tags: , - #

NP_Twitter v0.9

- skip CURL returns for sendTweet
- set VARCHAR size to 255 to support MySQL version < 5.0.3
- add replyid to update so reply to someone is link properly
- set fix icon image size
- download replies (include those twitters I am not following), show all replies
- properly decode specialchars

*** Most importantly ***
- fix for Twitpocalypse!!!

Please uninstall and re-install the plugin in order to fix Twitpocalypse. If you'd like to keep your old tweets, check the plugin option to preserve old tweets.

click here to download

18:24:29 on 06/19/09 by Admun - My Work - tags: - #

NP_Views v1.9.1

A minor bug fix in admin menu that display draft view count (where it should not)

Click here to download

15:35:56 on 03/20/09 by Admun - My Work - tags: , , , - #

NP_TechnoratiTags v0.9.6

A new version is out:
- optimize auto complete init
- change list of tag by date decrement
- fix tag cloud display of draft on search and cloud
- fix add/delete post incorrect URL
- fix top tags striping bug (thx Rico)
- support for multi-blog setup

click here to download

14:47:24 on 03/20/09 by Admun - My Work - tags: , , , , - #

NP_MiniForum v0.6.11

No one seem to be supporting this plugin anymore.... so, I'd maintain it from now on.

click here to download

22:36:05 on 03/17/09 by Admun - My Work - tags: - #

NP_MiniForum v0.6.10 eh

Just added a new skinvar <%MiniForim(showNew, forumname)%> to alert new message to a forum in the past 24 hours.

20:53:19 on 02/26/09 by Admun - My Work - tags: - #
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