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To Do, or Not to Do

Here's my current to-do and watch list. Please give me a shout if you work on any of the following.


- plugin update mechanism and this
- index.html in media/ and skins/
- Plugin min PHP version check
- bug fix to skin import bug
- login from main page only bug
- avoid 'action' as request (post) variable name
- fix FancyURL re-direct link in action.php
- plugin conflict detection
- bad bad plugin and punlishment
- public API doc enhancement, add doc for objects from events

- multi-blog patch
- NP_DigSig, base on this
- NP_Weather, add multi-location, template
- NP_NotifyMe add support for mulit-blog setup (sub-domain based admin menu),
- NP_CommentControl fix, improvement, quick menu access to non-admin user, see here
- use pull-down menu in plugin options??? Also, maybe add new option type for template/skin... which show all available skins/template???
- Suggestion for NP_Similies
- Ajaxied NP_CommentControl, NP_Referrer, NP_LatestComment (maybe)
- NP_ModeratePosts, for admin approve posts
- NP_LatestComments enhancement
- NP_NotifyMe to call PreItem event
- nofollow enable/disbale option for NP_Referrer & others
- try PreItem like event for header skinvar insertion
- NP_Podcast videocast support, see here
- some other idea from browsing wp plugin list
- enhance weather plugin to accept location via parameter
- music player, see here
- toggle box, see here
- NP_Podcast enhancement
- NP_HostIPLookup, see here, and here
- NP_Calendar suggestion locale weekday file option and future posts using skinvar+special page to show future post (maybe...) and here, and here
- allow/deny action link in CommentControl's notification email. see here
- add form formating/templates options
- add NP_Blacklist support to NP_DLCounter, add admin menu
- use htmlspecialchars
- more general plugin improvement see here
- check why the default arg in doSkinVar didn't work... (see NP_LatestDisc)
- add default thumbnail size options to NP_PopupImageNetPBM
- port NP_Keystroke, check also here, and here
- add auto path detection in NP_DlCounter
- PopupImageNetPBM auto media path detection and flush thumbnail selective deletion
- change getURL to point to the support forum
- create plugin pack RC
- check plugin doSkinVar() for various skins (ie error)
- all plugins to use *Var() functions instead of $_GET and etc.
- fix multi-blog bug in plugins
- security - plugin input parameters
- Helppage
- NP_AutoExtended, add split by paragraph mode
- NP_Batch
- NP_Commentlet, replace function NP_CommentPreview, see here
- admin menu/actions security audit

- error skin skinvar/plugin error
- NP_phpbb and NP_Punbb
- NP_Gallery
- download manager
- Photoblog and here
- NP_Cache

- try NP_NucRing
- try new anti-spam infrastructure
- try NP_RandomImg
- try NP_Validate
- Nucleus sites list validation, see here
- blog display order manipulation, a new event for hook??
- private post
- usability/work flow analysis (against wordpress)
- plugin execution order conflict
- Plugins update check plugin (TeRanEX's proposal??)
- try Fckeditor and HTMLArea 3 and RTE, here, and NP_WYSIWYG_RTE and TinyMCE
- try NP_CatLogo

- NP_LatestPosts enhancement
- NP_LatestPost latest offset (to show only oldest not in the main page) A show offset is added in v0.7
- mp3 player
- NP_MostViewed enhancement
- NP_Calendar update
- check out here and add missing pingform function Trackback (or does it already in the final??) no longer needed
- integrated spellcheck, NP_SpellCheck is out
- JustPosted event
- fix FancyURL permalink (with //) in some plugins (search for createItemLink) The problem seem to be Conf['Self'] is empty in most cases except during doSkinVar... see here, and example, also FancyURL problem/improvement?? It took over 2 years to understand the problem.... it's a bug in the core on createItemLink(), proposed fix to it for 3.3
- NP_Trackback patch
- NP_SocialBookmarks done with NP_Addthis
- add getTableList()
- use sql_query instead of mysql_query in plugins (to allow SQL query benchmarking)
- move plugin repository to SVN/Trac
- idea: blogsync function with NP_Blogroll sync to now
- email/url enhancement
- NP_Gravatar
- lastVisit cookie is not seted with server time offset (949200) no fix planned
- Plugin Delete: options (648538 ) no fix planned
- NP_PingPong suggestion

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