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Blogger conversion tool

Here's the blogger conversion tool retrived from CVS. It is not fully support supported, but I dust it off and put it here. Please try it out and let me know if there is any problem.

1) download the zip
2) unzip the zip (only 2 files)
3) upload to nucleus/convert (migh need to create the directory)
4) run the script blogger.php in the directory, follow instruction given
5) enjoy!

click here to download

10:03:11 on 05/07/05 by Admun - Category: My Work - tags: none - print


Joe Anderson wrote:

Fantastic, I love it!

08/09/05 13:34:37

Jessie wrote:

Is there a way to run this program from a webbrowser without having console access to the server?

11/11/05 22:44:15

Admun wrote:

This script is run from the web broswer, just point the browser to the nucleus/convert/blogger.php on your Nucleus setup.

11/11/05 23:48:42

b-psycho wrote:

This doesn't change your template at all when importing posts, does it?

01/20/06 21:47:38

Admun wrote:

no. it does not.

01/21/06 19:59:31

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