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NP_MailToAFriend v1.2

I added some new feature to this plugin.

- better item rendering in email that works w/ other plugins (ie NP_Smiley, NP_PopupImageNetPBM)
- remove CSS from email and preview
- email and title template

NP_MailToAFriend v1.2

Please try it and report whether this new version break something or helps those who were struck in the past. cool

15:59:33 on 09/15/05 by Admun - Category: My Work - tags: none - print


Adib wrote:

thanks for the great plugin for my nucleus, but can I have this plugin but contains the item body as the body of the email automatically?, so I can just send the item body with ease, biggrin please....

06/11/09 17:59:00

Admun wrote:

Let me look into it.

06/11/09 18:23:58

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