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NP_TrackBack v2.1.1

New version with <%TrackBack(latest)%> (thanks faceh for the code) and include multi-blog patch from fishy (thanks).

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18:19:50 on 10/16/07 by Admun - Category: My Work - tags: - print


fishy wrote:

I downloaded this version and found that the time offset is handled when displaying, not storing. I think it should be handled at storing, as the time offset may change. That is, for 2 location A and B, A is where the author lives and B is where the server located. The timezone of A never use DSTs, and the timezone of B use DST in the summer, so when for summer and winter, the time offset between A and B differs. If we handle time offset when displaying, then in summer and winter, we will see different times.

12/14/07 12:21:12

Admun wrote:

hum..... indeed there might be a problem.

12/14/07 12:56:52

CMN wrote:

Hello Admun,

The AutoExtended works well ... except when i call out the item in Edit gets truncated (only the BODY is shown and not the "MORE" in editform)

Did i miss out any step ?

04/04/08 00:11:14

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