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NP_Twitter v0.9

- skip CURL returns for sendTweet
- set VARCHAR size to 255 to support MySQL version < 5.0.3
- add replyid to update so reply to someone is link properly
- set fix icon image size
- download replies (include those twitters I am not following), show all replies
- properly decode specialchars

*** Most importantly ***
- fix for Twitpocalypse!!!

Please uninstall and re-install the plugin in order to fix Twitpocalypse. If you'd like to keep your old tweets, check the plugin option to preserve old tweets.

click here to download

18:24:29 on 06/19/09 by Admun - Category: My Work - tags: - print


rico wrote:


i'm having trouble setting up cronjob for the plugin... what command do i put exactly? thanks for the help!

01/06/10 16:44:06

Admun wrote:

If you checked the wiki, you should see:

4,7,14,21,28,35,42,49,56 * * * * root /usr/bin/GET "http://localhost/blog/actio..." &> /dev/null

01/06/10 20:22:43

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